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Joselyn Dumas Foundation in partnership with CouldYou? Cup provides free Menstrual Cups to girls

In quest to end Period Poverty among women Joselyn Dumas Foundation and CloudYou? Cup has taken it upon themselves to provide free menstrual cups to girls in deprived areas who can’t afford sanitary product.

Joselyn Dumas Foundation which is owned by Ghanaian actress and Tv goddess Joselyn Dumas distributed free Mensural Cups donated by CloudYou?to Girls at Anyakpor R/C school in Ada Foah Community who skip school & lessons during their Mensuration cycle because they can’t afford sanitary products.

The Joselyn Dumas Foundation is keen in supporting existing Efforts at enhancing the lives of children in Ghana and Africa at large, Their vision is for, every underprivileged child in Ghana and Africa as a whole be given the opportunity to attain their fullest potential in life through education. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7LWTPhJcZf/?igshid=1x3dlnmrx1azz

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