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“Even poor men have 3,4,5 girlfriends how much more my husband?” – Akua GMB to critics

Updated: Feb 12

Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2011 winner, Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah, who is the fourth wife of Ghanaian business mogul Dr. Kwaku Oteng has for the first time opened up about her marriage.

During an interview on Restoration with Stacy, Akua revealed she almost walked out of her marriage because of negative comments and trolls on social media about her and her marriage. She added she is not a bad person but people see her as an evil person just because of who is married to.

“The trolls were bordering me in the beginning. At a point in time I wanted to get out of my marriage because of that. I felt people talk too much about me because I am not a bad person but they see me as an evil person because of the person I am married to”.

Akua also disclosed her that husband’s age, his social status and the fact that he is involved with other women does not border her anymore because

“Even taxi drivers and other people who are not even rich, they have as many as 3, 4, 5 girlfriends how much more him?”

Adding that all the young and single guys she dated in the past did not help her.

 “I have dated a lot of young men who couldn’t help me in any way. And then some of them, the little you have they want to take it”.

Asked if she married her husband for money or for love said: “My husband got me with his humble nature”.

Akua also shared a story of the harsh conditions she and her family of 10 had to endure before her breakthrough came.

Watch the interview below.

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