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Actors Are Using 'juju' To Get Movie Roles - Ecow Smith-Asante

Ghanaian Ace Actor Ecow Smith-Asante has alleged that some actors are using unconventional ways to secure movie roles in Ghana.

According to him, many actors go as far as using “juju” (black magic) to make their way into the movie industry.

Mr Smith Asante said that these actors, however, are mostly seeking to secure minor roles.

“Our elders failed us, when we came in we have failed ourselves and those after us. Unfortunately, that is the truth, because we are still petty, we’re fighting and killing ourselves, some of them I hear are using juju for small roles but to come on TV they think its a joke,” he said in an interview on 3FM on Saturday.

Mr Smith-Asante stated vividly that many of these people, who are resorting to these unconventional ways, hardly ever listen to counsel from their predecessors and continued to say  that some actors have failed to learn their craft and take it as seriously as they take life.

“They don’t understand where we are coming from. The industry is so large that you actually need to call people to join you, it is teamwork. You can never survive alone so this is where they need to take their time, learn the craft. If you are the master of the craft, wherever you are people will find you,” he added.

Mr Smith-Asante stated that many of these young ones will continue to stay in the shadows of the John Dumelos and Majid Michels as long as they continue with mediocre acting.

“As at now when I watch movies and they talk about actors I can't identify one person I want to watch.” He later advised aspiring actors to carve their own niche if they want their crafts to be considered top-notch.

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